BurbleDZM Integration with Merit for Dropzones

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How to use the integration to verify USPA membership, ratings and licenses.

The Burble-Merit integration allows skydivers to grant access for the dropzones that use BurbleDZM to view their USPA and UPT merits after a few taps of a smartphone. This integration confidently retrieves credentials from the USPA database, enabling near-live tracking of credentials, including the USPA Tandem Instructor Ratings from both USPA and UPT, and USPA licenses. Dropzones instantly see verified, auto-updated information vetting the jumper/instructor standing at the desk, a functionality built to replace manual data input and cumbersome lookup tools. 




Watch this instructional video from Burble or use the steps below to start!

How to enable the BurbleDZM-Merit integration


Step 1: In BurbleDZM, navigate to Manage Settings > Edit Profile > Membership Credentials.

Step 2: Within Membership Credentials, select the organizations that you want to configure. Merit currently supports USPA and UPT. All other listed organizations require manual data entry.

Step 3: Configure Sources to connect to your Merit Account

You may be asked to log into your Merit account and confirm your request.  

Once your Merit account is connected you are ready to start verifying USPA and UPT credentials within BurbleDZM. 

Merits will appear in the Jumper Details section once the experienced skydiver has linked his/her merits to your dropzone BurbleDZM. 


Note: Merit will not have access to the information that is tracked in BurbleDZM, such as personal information of your clients, jump numbers, etc. Granting permission allows BurbleDZM to use your Merit organization to verify merits, such as USPA credentials and UPT credentials, and populate those results in BurbleDZM, where you will see and store them.




Best practices

Here are some best practices to follow to make sure that the Merit-Burble integration works best for both your dropzone and jumpers:

  • Setup Guide: Closely follow the Burble integration setup guide on this page
  • Credential Organizations: Confirm that you have selected all of the organizations that supply the credentials necessary for verifications at your dropzone.
  • Help Jumpers: Ensure that jumpers have all the information they need to share their credentials with you by sharing information of how Merit works with USPA and BurbleMe.  Direct them to step-by-step instructions here.  
  • Check Jumper IDs: Of course, make sure that the name on the jumper’s credentials, BurbleMe account, and Merit profile match the name on their government-issued ID.


How to use the  integration to automate certificate creation and send merits.

Setup time: 5-10 minutes


Before you get started:

  • make sure you have Burble Admin permissions to configure BurbleDZM
  • make sure your dropzone is registered and verified with Merit
  • make sure you have “Can manage organization” permission on Merit


*If you’d like to automate certificates, have a blank certificate in .jpeg or.png format


Watch this instructional video from Burble or use the steps below to start!

Connect the jumps in Burble to Merit

In BurbleDZM:

Step 1: Log in to BurbleDZM and go to the Sport Jump section in the Configuration Settings
Step 2: Under the Merits section click the enable button
Step 3: Give the digital credential a title and description


With steps 1-3 completed, at the end of the day, when you close out your cash drawer in BurbleDZM, a merit, or digital record of each jump, will be sent to jumpers that were manifested for all loads that were completed for the jump types that you have completed steps 1-3 for. 


If you’d like to add a printable certificate attachment to the merit, continue on. 


Automate Certificates with Merit and Credential Creator

  1. Open a new tab in your browser and go to https://credcreator.com/


2.  Click [Link with Merit] and log in with the email address and password for your Merit account and grant permissions for Credential Creator to link with Merit.
3.  Click [Add a Credential].

4. The digital credentials you created in step 3 will appear as options, select the one you’d like to work on. The Credential Name will auto-populate if you select from the available options or you can add your own. Click Next.

5.  Decide if you’d like to use a One-sided or Two-sided certificate. Click Next.

6. Drag and Drop or browse to find your blank certificate .jpeg or .png file to upload.

Now that the blank template is uploaded we need to add information from Burble to the certificate.

7.  Drag and drop the different data points onto the certificate.


      • What This Merit Represents
      • Full Name
      • Issue Date

Once you have all of the data in the certificate, and the font, color, and sizing looks correct, click Save and Publish on the bottom right corner of the screen to turn on the automation.

    Click the [Exit] button on the top right corner to go to the main Credential Creator menu.


      Now, all jumps that are finalized during EOD / Cash Drawer and linked with a merit template and certificate will sent.


      For additional support, please reach out to help@merits.com

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