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Merit is a verified identity ecosystem for trusted organizations and individuals seeking the benefits of interoperable digital credentials, known as merits. Merit’s mission is



BARBICIDE® has partnered with Merit to allow beauty professionals to quickly and efficiently search for and share their  BARBICIDE® certifications using Merit Lookup.

Virginia DPOR + Merit

Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (VA DPOR) and Merit have partnered together to provide digital copies of licenses in the Commonwealth.


Merit has partnered up with the USPA, UPT, Burble, GearPro Loft-manager, Flight-1, Axis Flight, and SkydiveTraining.org to support all skydivers, riggers, dropzones, associations, teams, and competitions across the US in providing a quick, seamless, and free way to access and verify credentials across many organizations

Nomi Health

Nomi Health has partnered with Merit to provide accurate and secure timesheet tracking for your onsite hours at Nomi Health’s testing and vaccination sites. You will be required to use Merit’s secure kiosks to check in and out of your shifts and breaks.

Favorite Staffing

Favorite Staffing has partnered with Merit to provide secure and accurate timesheet tracking to verify your hours worked. You will be required to use Merit’s secure physical and/or virtual check-in kiosks to sign in and out of your shifts.

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