• Where can I find the Merit app?

    The Merit app is free to download and available for both iOS and Android devices. Anyone with an existing Merit account can download it to view their merits, share and verify merits, check into events, and access unique opportunities.     Links to the App Store and Google Play You can download the free Merit […]

  • How do I add a license or certification to my Merit account?

    Merits are sent to individuals by organizations that register with Merit and go through our validation process. Individuals who hold licenses or certifications are not responsible for or able to independently upload those credentials to their Merit profile. Merit operates this way in order to maintain a network of truth and trust, as every merit […]

  • Troubleshooting guide for the link to accept your merit.

    Having trouble with your accept merits link? Below are some frequent speed bumps, see if any of these apply, and follow the steps to resolve any issues. Check the browser you’re using: Are you using a recent version of either Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Edge? If you are unsure if your browser has the latest update, […]

  • How much does it cost to use Merit?

    As an individual, there is no cost to you to access the merits that have been issued to you by verified organizations that have joined Merit. You will always have free access to the credentials you have earned on Merit. You can view your merits on the Merit site or using the Merit app for […]

  • How can I contact someone for support with my merit from BARBICIDE®?

    If you have any questions about the merit you received from BARBICIDE®, feel free to contact Merit for support by emailing us at or using the chatbot on the bottom right corner of the screen for answers to frequently asked questions.

  • How to share a merit on social channels

    A quick note: Only merits that are available, and have been accepted. Are discoverable on Merit Lookup can be shared directly to social media. Step by Step Guide Step 1. Find out if your merit is discoverable on Merit Lookup, by opening your merit within the app or web browser. If your merit is available […]

  • How can I renew or update my merit?

    The organization that issued your merit is continuing to handle all renewals and updates.  You can find their contact information within their organization’s Merit page. To access the organization’s Merit page: Log into your Merit profile via the website Once you’ve logged in, select the merit you’d like to renew or update A link to […]

  • Is my merit discoverable on Merit Lookup?

    Merit Lookup brings together merits issued by multiple organizations into a single verification tool for public use. To find out if your merit is discoverable on Merit Lookup, simply open your merit within the app or web browser. If your merit is available on Merit Lookup, you’ll see the following phrase: “Your organization has made […]

  • How can I share my merits?

    You can share details about merits you have earned with anyone, even if they don’t yet have a Merit account. Follow these steps to share your merits with a QR code or URL. Before you get started There are 2 available methods for sharing your merits, both of which use the Merit app for both iOS […]

  • How do I update the name or email address on my BARBICIDE® certification?

    If you would like to correct the name that appears on your BARBICIDE® certification, or update the email address to which your BARBICIDE® certification from Merit will be sent, you can do so using an online form. There are 2 separate forms available, depending on which BARBICIDE® certification you hold. If you have corrections to […]

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