How can I find my merit?

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Check your email inbox

All merits are sent to the email address your organization has on file for you. Check your email inbox for a notification from letting you know that an organization has sent you a merit. It should look something like this: 

If you are having trouble finding this email, visit and enter your email address. If any merits have been issued to you, this action will trigger an email to your inbox with account setup instructions. 


Click Accept

After clicking Accept in the email, you will be able to set a password for your Merit account and agree to Merit’s terms of service. You can then click Create Account. This will take you into your Merit profile. Any merits you have been issued will appear as boxes below your name. Click on them to see the full details of the merit, including all data fields and any downloadable certificates or attachments. 



Future merits

You will continue to receive a similar email notification for any subsequent merits that you are issued in the future. You can review these new merits by logging into your Merit profile and clicking on the Pending tab. You can open up each pending merit to ensure the information contained is correct. Accept the merit either by clicking the checkbox or the Accept button. The pending merit will be added to the main Merits section of your profile.

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