Why should CERTs use merits?

Merit is a platform for securely issuing and accepting credentials. Onboarding to Merit is easy, free, quick, and private. Merit offers a comprehensive onboarding service to digitize records, transcribe expirations on certificates, and securely upload all data onto the platform.

How is Merit useful to Community Emergency Response Teams? Take a look at the use cases and case study shown below, and you can see clearly what Merit has to offer.

  1. CERTs and related citizen emergency training programs are an essential way for first responders to tap into trained citizen auxiliaries during emergencies.
  2. First responders train hundreds of thousands of citizens through many CERT affiliates and need a standardized way to verify credentials across state lines during critical disasters.
  3. Merit online data can be consumed by governments for enhanced background checks and cross-sector credentialing purposes, automatically with no additional hassle or paperwork.
  4. Cross-reference volunteers that are active in multiple disaster response teams, like CERT, Red Cross, VOAD, and Neighborhood Watch.
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