Why did I receive a merit from BARBICIDE®️?

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BARBICIDE®️ is sending merits to all individuals who have completed their educational programs since March 2020. You will be able to use this merit as proof of course completion when needed and access it on your mobile device.  

BARBICIDE®️ and Merit are working together to securely digitize and deliver your credentials in the form of merits. Have you received an email letting you know you have merits waiting? Use the Accept link within the email to set a secure password and review the merit that was delivered.



About Merit?

Merit is the interoperable ecosystem for all digital credentials issued by trusted organizations. The platform allows everyone to access, track, and organize their licenses and credentials in real-time. Merit works with more than 1,000 organizations for professional licensing, occupational regulation, workforce development, emergency services, and other digital credentialing needs to reduce administrative paperwork and empower people and organizations to focus on what’s important to them.