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BARBICIDE® has partnered with Merit to allow beauty professionals to quickly and efficiently search for and share their  BARBICIDE® certifications using Merit Lookup.


Merit has partnered up with the USPA, UPT, Burble, GearPro Loft-manager, Flight-1, Axis Flight, and to support all skydivers, riggers, dropzones, associations, teams, and competitions across the US in providing a quick, seamless, and free way to access and verify credentials across many organizations

Linked directly with the Merit Platform, Credential Creator is a third-party application that automatically generates and attaches customized certificates to your customers’ merits. Think of these certificates as a physical representation of digital merits.

Merit Check-in gives organizations the tools for virtual check-ins during events, as well as digital waivers and credential screenings to verify the merits of those qualified to participate as part of their check-in experience.