How can I find the Merit app?

The Merit app is free to download and available for both iOS and Android devices. Anyone with an existing Merit account can download it to view their merits, share and verify merits, check into work or events, and access unique opportunities. 

What can you use the Merit app to do?

1. View your merits

To view your merits, tap on Merits in the bottom menu. This will show a list of all merits that have been issued to you. Click on any single merit to view its details, including all data fields and any attachments.

2. Share and verify merits

Use the Merit app to share merits and to verify a merit that is shared with you.


3. Discover opportunities

With the Merit app, you can view unique opportunities that have been tailored to you based on the merits in your profile. From the home screen, select Opportunities from the bottom menu.

 4. Check-in to events, and work where Merit Check-In is used.

Use the Merit app to access your unique QR code and quickly check-in and out of events, training, and work where Merit Check-In is used.