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  • How can I renew or update my merit?

    The organization that issued your merit is continuing to handle all renewals and updates.  You can find their contact information within their organization’s Merit page. To access the organization’s Merit page: Log into your Merit profile via the website app.merits.com Once you’ve logged in, select the merit you’d like to renew or update A link to…

  • How to update your information within your digital licenses issued by Virginia DPOR.

    All requests to update information within your merit must be made on the DPOR website. Your digital license will be issued to whichever email address DPOR currently has on file for you. Update your information with VA DPOR by visiting their website: https://dpor.virginia.gov/FormsAndApplications  Email Address Change Form  Mailing Address Change Forms Note:  Many Boards allow you to update…

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