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  • Best practices for skydiving organizations using Merit

    We’re excited to help you get the most out of Merit! Below are a few helpful suggestions to consider as you start using Merit to start sending, tracking, and verifying credentials and experience. Communicate. Let your jumpers and staff know that you’ll be using Merit to send and verify digital credentials. This can be done […]

  • BurbleDZM Integration with Merit for Dropzones

    How to use the integration to verify USPA membership, ratings and licenses. The Burble-Merit integration allows skydivers to grant access for the dropzones that use BurbleDZM to view their USPA and UPT merits after a few taps of a smartphone. This integration confidently retrieves credentials from the USPA database, enabling near-live tracking of credentials, including […]

  • BurbleMe Integration with Merit for jumpers

    The Burble-Merit integration brings immediacy, accessibility, and pre-verified security of digital into the clunky pre-digital world of physical logbooks, membership cards, and manifest sheets completed in triplicate.   If you’re a skydiver, it allows you to grant access to Burble DZs to view your merits, including those all-important USPA credentials, and complete the whole check-in […]

  • United Parachute Technologies (UPT) and Merit

    United Parachute Technologies has partnered with Merit to provide digital copies of Tandem Instructor and Tandem Examiner certifications. Find out more below. Find your UPT Certifications on Merit Need help finding your digital copy of your UPT certifications? Use the email address on file with UPT to resend your digital certification here and follow the […]

  • US Parachute Association (USPA) and Merit

    The US Parachute Association has partnered with Merit to send their members merits for their membership, licenses, ratings, and awards. Find out how to opt-in to receive your digital copies of your USPA merits below. How to opt in and receive USPA merits Login to your USPA membership account at www.uspa.org , navigate to the Privacy tab, […]

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