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  • Credential Creator

    What is Credential Creator? Credential Creator is an application that admins of organizations on Merit can use to automatically generate and attach customized downloadable certificates to merits. While merits are designed to be digital-only and not downloadable or printable, certificates generated by Credential Creator can be downloaded and printed. Getting started with Credential Creator Requirements…

  • How can I register my organization with Merit?

    Merit is the only interoperable digital credential ecosystem for all digital credentials, memberships, and opportunities. Find out how to register your organization with Merit below.   Who can register an organization? Administrators, Executive Officers, Owners, and organization decision-makers can register their organization on Merit to start sending, verifying, and automating their credentialing process.   Registration…

  • How do I create a merit template?

    To create a new merit template, navigate to your admin dashboard and then the Create a Template page, which is a subsection of the Merit Templates page. The template creation screen is shown below: Enter merit fields Merit Title: Enter the name of the merit. The name should say exactly what the merit is for. Short Merit Description: Enter a brief merit description,…

  • Set up a meeting with Merit’s Customer Success Team

    We’re here to help. Have more questions about Merit? Looking for resources you haven’t been able to find in the Help Center? Just want to talk to a real human? No problem – we’re here to help. Feel free to schedule a time with a CS team member here. You can also email your questions to help@merits.com.

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