BurbleDZM Integration with Merit

The Burble-Merit integration allows skydivers to grant access to Burble dropzones to view skydiver merits after a few taps of a smartphone. This integration confidently retrieves credentials from the USPA database, enabling near-live tracking of credentials, including the USPA Tandem Instructor Ratings from both USPA and UPT, and USPA licenses. Dropzones instantly see verified, auto-updated information vetting the jumper/instructor standing at the desk, a functionality built to replace manual data input and cumbersome lookup tools. 


How to enable the Burble-Merit integration

Step 1: In Burble DZM, navigate to Manage Settings > Edit Profile > Membership Credentials.

Step 2: Within Membership Credentials, select the organizations that you want to configure. Merit currently supports USPA and UPT. All other listed organizations require manual data entry.

Step 3: Connect to your Merit Account.

Once your Merit account is connected you are ready to start using Merit in Burble!

Best practices

Here are some best practices to follow to make sure that the Merit-Burble integration works best for both your dropzone and jumpers:

  • Setup Guide: Closely follow the Burble integration setup guide on this page
  • Credential Organizations: Confirm that you have selected all of the organizations that supply the credentials necessary for verifications at your dropzone.
  • Helping Jumpers: Ensure that jumpers have all the information they need to share their credentials with you by sharing information of how Merit works with USPA and BurbleMe.
  • Check Jumper IDs: Of course, make sure that the name on the jumper’s credentials, BurbleMe account, and Merit profile match the name on their government-issued ID.

How to get support

You can contact Burble at sales@burblesoftware.com.

You can reach Merit at help@merits.com.