Information for Leads at FL Division of Emergency Management Vaccination/Testing Sites

How to set up a Merit Check-in kiosk

Note: As soon as you receive the tablet, turn it on so that Merit can be sure your tablet is fully activated and properly set up.

Step 1: Unlock the tablet with the passcode you were provided in the Resources for Site Managers and/or Leads section of the Merit Reference Guide you were provided.

Step 2: Open the Merit Check-in app. Its logo looks like this:

Step 3: If the app opens to Kiosk Mode and prompts you to check in or check out (as shown below), please triple-click the home button to set up Guided Access to ensure the screen cannot be shut off and the Merit Check-in app cannot be exited. Set-up is then complete.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Ipad_check-in-out-738x1024.png

Step 4: If you are prompted to “Link with Merit” (as shown below) upon opening the Merit Check-in app, please text Merit Support at (833) 225-4373 to set up Kiosk Mode. Once you are in Kiosk Mode, please triple-click the home button to set up Guided Access to ensure the screen cannot be shut off and the Merit Check-in app cannot be exited.

Contents of the Merit backpacks

The backpack you received from Merit should contain the following:

  • A reference guide with set-up information and frequently asked questions
  • 2 laminated sheets with instructions on how to use the tablet to check in and check out
  • A clipboard with paper sign-in sheets, as well as 2 pens. These paper sheets are for backup purposes only, so you will not need to keep them out during normal operations unless there is some problem with the tablets
  • 2 tablets with protective cases (not waterproof)
  • 2 stands for the tablets. The tablets should be set up vertically on these stands
  • A 20-foot extension cord to assist you with reaching the nearest power supply. Ideally, the tablets should stay connected to a power source all day
  • 2 locking cables to keep the tablets securely locked to the table
  • 4 charging cables for the tablets (2 10-foot cables and 2 3-foot cables)
  • 3 USB power cubes

Best practices for operating check-in kiosks

  • Keep the tablets plugged into a power source all day and leave them in a charging state at night when they are not in use.
  • Ensure that the tablet is in a vertical position on the stand or table. This allows medical staff to easily scan their phones to check in and out of all shifts and breaks.
  • When setting up kiosks at outdoor locations, be sure to set them up underneath a tent or shade structure. If left in direct sunlight, the tablets will overheat, shut off, and become unusable until they cool down.
  • Secure the tablet to the table by looping one end of the locking cable around the table leg. The other end of the cable has a locking mechanism, which you can affix to the back of the tablet.
  • Place the laminated check-in instruction sheets next to the tablets to help guide medical staff through the check-in steps.
  • When returning supplies to the backpack each day, check the list to ensure that all items are inside the bag and nothing has been left at the site.

Troubleshooting: how to reset the check-in kiosk if it freezes

If at any point the tablet running the Merit Check-in app is unresponsive while in Kiosk Mode, you can press the Reset button, which will either be at the bottom of the screen or in a pop-up window.


The Merit Check-in app will reboot to the main Kiosk Mode screen, showing the options Check in or Check out.

How to contact Merit for support or to report any issues

Please contact Merit support by texting 833-225-4373 or emailing Please include in your message your name and which vaccination/testing site you are at.