Favorite Staffing has partnered with Merit to provide secure and accurate timesheet tracking to verify your hours worked. You will be required to use Merit’s secure physical and/or virtual check-in kiosks to sign in and out of your shifts.

  • Merit Login
  • Onsite Check-in
  • Offsite Check-in


Find your email from help@merits.com with the Email subject: Favorite Healthcare Staffing has sent you an official digital credential

  • Create a password
  • Accept the terms and conditions

After creating your Merit profile, download the Merit app to your phone, available on Google Play and Apple's App Store, and log in. 





Video instructions

On your smartphone:

  • Login to your Merit profile
  • Open your personal QR code

On the Merit tablet:

  • Select Check-in

Scan your QR code

*The first time you scan in, you'll be asked to accept a Merit Check-in access merit.  Please accept that merit on your phone to finish your check-in**

When activated for an offsite location

Contact your onsite lead for the merit check-in link that allows you to check yourself in using your own device 

When you follow the link, you will be brought to a page that gives you these options:

Select Check-in

Enter your email and password for Merit, then select Login.

Allow Merit to know your location when you check-in or check out. 

Important:  Enabling location is required by IMEA and Favorite Staffing. Your location will ONLY be recorded during check-in and check-out and never at any other time.



You will then see a success message indicating that you are now checked into the activity.


Check Out

Use the same URL used to Check-in, this time select Check Out

Enter your email and password if prompted and select Login.

You will see a screen that shows your check in date and time along with your check out date and time and the total duration. 

A time receipt merit will be sent to you with your record of hours worked.