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Merit Lookup brings together merits issued by multiple organizations into a single verification tool for public use. Organizations that choose to, can quickly add the credentials they issue to Merit Lookup for other verifying bodies to use to get the most up to date information seamlessly.

How to access and look up an individual’s credentials

Open up a browser and go to Start your search by using any of the three search fields available. 

  • License or Certification Number
  • First Name
  • Last Name

Note: Only merits that have been accepted by the merit recipient will be discoverable within Merit Lookup.

The most relevant search results will show at the top, separated by each source.

The search results will contain: 

  • Full Name
  • Credential Name or Type
  • License or Certification Number 
  • Active/Inactive status
  • Copy of Certificate (when provided by issuing organization)

Selecting View will provide more granular license information. 

Download a copy of the certificate or share it on your social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.


How to make all credentials issued by your organization accessible on Merit Lookup

Before you start: Your organization must be registered and validated with Merit. If you have already done this, please continue on to the next steps. If not, you can submit an application to register your organization here.

Congrats! All merits that your organization has sent and the recipients have accepted will now be discoverable within Merit Lookup. 

Things to consider

  • All merits sent from your organization that have been accepted by the merit recipient will be discoverable on Merit Lookup. You will not be able to choose specific merit templates to link. 
  • Every merit discoverable in Merit Lookup will contain a note, letting recipients know that the merit is discoverable on Merit Lookup. Those individuals that do not wish to have their credentials on Merit Lookup are able to forfeit the merit from their profile, removing it from Merit Lookup tool. 
  • All certificates created from Credential Creator will also be available for viewing, downloading, and sharing on social media from Merit Lookup.
  • All edits, revisions, and alterations to any merit will be reflected in Merit Lookup with 15 minutes.

Would you like to learn more about Credential Creator? 

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