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About Merit Check-in

Merit Check-in is a tool that organizations use to track attendance, hours worked, and verify the credentials of their event participants.  This allows organizations to replace paper sign-in sheets with Merit’s check-in suite (works with mobile, android tablets, and desktop devices).  Organizations can also enable remote check-ins for easier time tracking and the production of auditable access logs.

Initial Setup

Create a digital activity to represent your event. When participants check in, they will sign in under this activity.  Start by selecting Activities on the left menu bar and then click on Create an activity.

Activity Details

The available fields within an activity are: 

  • Name
  • Description (optional)
  • Add a qualification (optional)
  • Add a form (optional and only on android devices or laptops/virtual check-ins)
  • Successful check-in message (Customize it!) 
  • Enable check-out to track time for this activity
  • Send an automatic check-in merit upon successful check-in
  • Select the merit template to use as Check-in merit
  • Time zone
  • Enable location collection for this activity
  • Enable expiration for merits sent for this activity
    • Expires in ____Day(s)

Set up your Kiosk(s)

There are two options to create a kiosk for people to check-in.

**The first option is available for iPads only. 

Download and set up the check-in app for your iPad, so you can create a kiosk for your participants to use to check-in and verify their credentials.

The second option is to create a virtual kiosk URL (weblink) to:  

  • Send a URL directly to participants that will check into your event
  • Create a kiosk on any device connected to the internet with a web browser and a camera.


When it’s time for attendees to check in, make sure to have the virtual or physical check-in kiosk ready to go. Participants can follow the steps below to sign in.


Sign in using any of following options:

  • Check-in as a guest using a name and email address
  • If participants have a Merit account, they can use their Merit login
  • If participants have a Merit account and are using a tablet to check-in, they can scan in using their Merit key.
  • If participants have a Merit badge, they can scan their badge, and enter their Merit profile password.

Records, Reports, and Edits

To see your participants’ activities and time spent at your events, navigate to the Check-in log on the left side.

  • The Check-in log will show you all check-in and check-out activity for your events.
  • By clicking on Export, you will download a spreadsheet to compile the total time spent at one or more activities.
  • Edit a check-in time or check-out time by selecting the entry and entering the correct date/time.
  • Use the search bar to easily find the time you want to edit by entering in a first name, last name, or email and click search.

Send attendees a merit

Your participants will receive check-in merits to track their activities. However, we suggest that you send out another merit to recognize their participation or customize their check-in merit. This merit can even be used as a qualification for future events.

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