The City of Marco Island vaccination registration and schedule information

How do I register for a vaccine in the City of Marco Island?

Follow the link below to register:

How will the registrations be prioritized?  

We will prioritize Marco Island residents based on age, oldest first. 

Can I register for myself and another person at the same time?

No, each person must be registered individually at

Can I register if I am not a Marco Island resident? 

No, you must be a Marco Island full time or seasonal resident and be able to prove residency.

If I am a healthcare worker under 65 can I register? 

Due to the limited amount of vaccine that the City receives each week, we are not registering anyone under the age of 65, regardless of occupation. We encourage healthcare workers to contact their employer and their doctor to find other avenues to receive a vaccine. 

Where can I find my appointment information? 

A confirmation email will be sent to you once your appointment has been confirmed. Please be patient as there is limited appointment availability based on the vaccines available. 

Can my spouse get a vaccine if he/she comes with me to my appointment?  

No. Only those with appointments will be allowed to receive a vaccine.

Can I choose my appointment time?

No, all appointments are scheduled based on the day and time that you registered and your year of birth. Requests for specific vaccination appointment times will not be considered.

Where is the vaccination clinic located on Marco Island? 

All vaccinations will be at Mackle Park. 

What if I don’t get an appointment this week, do I have to register again? 

No, if you don’t get an appointment for the vaccination clinic during the current week your name will be kept on the list for the following week. Remember, the number of appointments is limited so we encourage you to seek other vaccine appointment opportunities. 

What if I cannot make my appointment to get my COVID-19 vaccine?

If you cannot make your appointment time, please let us know right away by emailing or calling/texting (239) 970-4022 so that we can add you to the next available time.

Can my spouse/significant other go instead of me?

Each individual must register in order to be selected for an appointment. Individuals may not switch appointments with other persons.

Please make sure that all individuals register for a vaccine appointment.

What do I need to bring with me to my appointment?

Bring your proof of Florida residency along with your proof of Marco Island residency. Bring a mask and a pen.

Will I get a printed ticket when I register or when I get an appointment? 

No, there is no ticket. You will receive an email confirming your appointment and your name will be on the roster when you check-in. You must wear a mask and bring a pen with you. Also, bring proof of Marco Island residency.

What information do I need to show that I am a Marco Island resident? 

Driver’s license with your Marco Island address, OR two of the following: a deed,  mortgage, monthly mortgage statement, residential lease or rental agreement, utility  bill dated within the 60 days, mail from a financial institution not more than 60 days old,  mail from a federal, state, county or Marco Island government agency not more than 60  days old.

I signed up for a vaccination but never received a confirmation email. How can I ensure that my registration was received? 

All completed registrations result in a confirmation email. Please re-fill out the form and double-check your email address and phone number are correct. Follow the link below to register:

Will you have extra doses at the end?  

No additional doses are expected; however, if we end up having additional doses those will go to Marco Island residents who are registered. The scheduling company will reach out to those individuals who have registered with priority given to age. 

I received my first dose elsewhere. Can I receive my second dose at Marco Island?

At this time, Marco Island is only administering second doses of the vaccine to those who also received their first dose from Marco Island. If you received your first dose elsewhere, you should coordinate your second dose by contacting the provider of your first dose, or by finding another vaccine provider through the Florida Department of Health’s website.

Why was I bumped off the waitlist?

Vaccination appointments are prioritized based on age. If you were previously on the waitlist, but did not receive a notification to get vaccinated during the most recent dates, it is likely because individuals that are older than you recently registered and pushed you onto the next list.

If that is the case, please have your phone close by on Thursday prior to vaccinations and the Friday of vaccination as we may contact you for a short-notice appointment. Please be patient as we’re working closely with the City of Marco Island to ensure everyone that is registered is vaccinated as soon as possible. If you receive a phone call or text from this number (239) 970-4022, that’s us trying to contact you to confirm your appointment or let you know that there’s a short-notice opening available.

Now that you are not using Eventbrite, how has the appointment process changed?

 We have hired a third party to schedule our appointments. You will go to at and click the link to register for the COVID 19  vaccine. You will be directed to a website where you will have to answer some basic questions. This information will be sent to the scheduling company. They will reach out to you via email or telephone with your appointment time. Priority is given to Marco  Island residents based on age. This link will remain open as this is not a first-come, first-served system. 

Do you still have questions?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out for support.


Call or Text : (239) 970-4022