Instructions for Listos CA Administrators

Register your organization on Merit

If your organization has already set up an organization account on Merit, then you do not have to create another account.

From the Listos California Data Tracking Tool (

Click Create a Merit Organization

A new tab will open in your browser and direct you to the registration form on Enter your name and organization information as prompted

  1. First & Last Name
  2. Email 
  3. Org Name
Immediate access

After submitting the form, you’ll receive an email with a link giving you immediate access to your account. You’ll also have the ability to start entering information about your organization, create merit templates, and add other leaders to your account right away. Note that you will not be able to link to the tool or send merits until your organization has been verified.

Merit verifies your organization

Within 48 hours of submitting your form, a Merit representative will contact you to verify your organization.

Linking your organization to first access the Listos California Data Tracking Tool

Once you have confirmation from either your grantee organization or a Merit representative that your organization has been added to the tool, you can follow these instructions to access the tool for the first time. You’ll be using an updated version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge and 2 tabs. Because this is your first time logging in AND linking your organization, there are a few extra steps. 

Step 1: On the first tab, go to and login to your Merit account. 

Step 2: On the second tab, go to

Step 3: Click the blue-button Login with Merit.

A popup window will appear asking for permission to look at your merits. Confirm permission by clicking allow. 

Step 4: A message in an orange window that says that Your organization is not linked… and you’ll notice that the login button now says Link with Merit. Please click it.

You’ll be asked to confirm the name of the organization you want to link, and confirm permission to link the account.

The blue button has now changed back to Login with Merit.

Step 5: You’ll be sent an Engagement Administrator merit immediately, please go to Merit account and accept that new merit. If you don’t see it right away, try refreshing your screen. You should see a red dot above the word Pending below your name. That means that you have a pending merit, please click the word Pending.

Pending Listos Admin

You can also accept pending merits from your email inbox.

Accept your Engagement Administrator merit.

Step 6: Back on, click the Login with Merit button, this time you’ll be directed to the home screen of the data tracking tool. 

 You’ll only have to do these steps once, after you’ve linked the accounts you’ll be able to access the data tracking tool by clicking the login button and entering your email address and password. 

How to add new Admins and Engagement Leaders to your dashboard

Find instructions here.

How do I edit a survey?

Find instructions here.

How do I view and export reports from the Listos California Data Tracking Tool?

Administrators of organizations that are recording information about their engagement activities into the Listos California Data Tracking Tool are able to view, monitor, track, download, and edit information. 

From the Listos California Data Tracking Tool home screen, choose View Survey results on the left.

There are 2 different reporting views available, Graph and Table.

The Graph reporting page is the first view shown after navigating to the Survey Results section. It reflects information collected from all organizations involved in the Listos California Campaign efforts. You can view the results by total number of people engaged, demographics, geography, and time. 

To view information from your organization efforts ( and sub-grantee organizations if you have them) by toggling to the Table view using the button on the top of the reporting page.

Filter information by Organization, Leader, or County using the tabs at the top of the table.

  • Organization shows results for your organization, as well as any sub-grantees you have, grouped by organization. Here you have the option of exporting records of all surveys conducted and survey participants (those who were sent merits).
  • Leader shows results for your organization and any sub-grantees, grouped by leader. You can select Survey List to see all of a particular leader’s surveys.
  • County shows results from the entire campaign, grouped by county.

There are many different ways to filter views and download information collected into a printable file. 

How do I change the organization to which surveys are tagged?

If some of the leaders in your organization will be logging engagement activity that should be credited to a different group than yours or your grantee, you can adjust this setting from the data tracking tool. 

Step 1: Log into the tool at

Step 2: Select Manage Organizations & Leaders.

Step 3: In the Leaders section, find a person who will be entering engagement data for a different organization. Click Edit on the right site.

Step 4: In the Currently Surveying For field, search for the name of the new organization and select it.

Step 5: Click Update.

Now all future surveys submitted by that leader will count for the new organization rather than the leader’s original organization. The surveys that were submitted prior to making this change are not affected.  Repeat this process for any leaders who will be submitting data to be credited to a different organization. This setting can be switched back when appropriate.