How to edit a survey in the Listos CA Data Tracking Tool

Surveys submitted into the data tool are editable by Engagement Administrators of the same organization.  Below, we’ll walk you through how to locate the survey that you’d like to edit, and then how to change the information.



*Please note when altering a survey, to record the update you must confirm each answer through to the Submit button at the end.  See below for an example. (2)

Locate the survey that you would like to edit: 

  1. Log in at and click View Survey results.


2. Click Table.



3. Click Leader.


4. Select the appropriate person (yourself if you entered the original data) and click Survey List.



5. Find the survey you would like to edit, and click View.


6. Click Edit.

survey details 61

7. Review the information shown. You can change the event date(s) on this screen. If you would like to change the Venue Details (such as the number of people surveyed), click Change venue and proceed through the questions, updating information as necessary. Then, click Use this venue and proceed through the survey questions.

Any edits made to the venue information will not be recorded if you do not proceed through the survey questions and click Submit.


8. Select whether you would like to issue new merits, then click Submit.