How to add Engagement Administrators and Leaders to your dashboard

What is the difference between administrators and engagement leaders?


Administrators are designated by the lead CBO or volunteer team  and have the highest degree of permissions. Administrators can see and edit the engagement forms of Engagement Leaders to provide oversight and quality control. They also have access to the dashboard that shows engagement totals for the CBO or volunteer team area. 

Engagement Leaders

Engagement Leaders are designated by the lead CBO or volunteer team Administrators. Engagement Leaders have permission to fill out engagement forms. When they submit their forms, they go to the Administrator. Engagement Leaders will be made up of those who are directly involved in engagements and have knowledge of the engagement activities. Administrators can also log engagements and have permission to do everything that Engagement Leaders can do. If you are both administrating and conducting engagements, you would be an Administrator who is also serving the function of an Engagement Leader, that is, collecting engagement data and completing engagement survey forms.

*By adding Engagement Leaders (individuals), you are providing them access to the Listos California Data Tracking Tool and enabling you to track their engagements.

How to add new Engagement Administrators and Leaders to your organization

Step 1: Log into the Listos California Data Tracking Tool at

Step 2: Choose the Manage Organizations & Leaders box on the right

Step 3: Navigate to the Leaders dashboard and choose to +Add Leader on the right side of the screen. 

Step 4: Fill in the requested information and click Add

You’ve added a new leader to your dashboard!  

Your Engagement Leader or Admin will immediately receive an email notifying them that they have received an “Engagement Leader” merit from you.

This email also contains a link for them to accept this merit and set up their Merit profile. You went through this process when you received your Administrator merit. Once they accept the merit, they can navigate to and log in.