Listos California Data Tracking Tool FAQs


What is the Listos California Campaign?

The Listos (Ready) California Emergency Preparedness Campaign is a visionary initiative of Governor Gavin Newsom to engage over one million Californians in vulnerable populations and geographies, ensuring that they are prepared for emergencies, and showcasing the best that California has to offer through community service, neighborhood preparedness, and disaster resilience. The campaign will bolster the efforts of first-responders by ensuring that the most vulnerable Californians are connected to culturally and linguistically competent support. It will also build on the success of existing resident efforts throughout the State of California to foster local community disaster preparedness networks. 

Additional information is available on the Listos California website.

Who needs to use the tool?

All individuals responsible for collecting, recording, and entering engagement data must be trained on and use the Data Tracking Tool. This includes all relevant individuals from:
i. CBO Partners
ii. Subgrantees of CBO Partners
iii. CERT Teams
iv. Listos Program teams
v. Fire Safe Council
vi. AmeriCorps NCCC members
vii. AmeriCorps (through Bay Area Community Resources)
viii. AmeriCorps (through American Red Cross)
ix. FSTI

How do I access the tool?

The Listos California Data Tracking Tool can be found at We recommend viewing one of the training webinars prior to entering data into the system.

Am I required to use this tool?

Yes. You are required to track all engagements with this tool.

Can I continue to use the interim data collection tool?

No. You must use the Merit tool moving forward.

Am I required to have identifying information for all participants?

You are not required to enter identifying information into the Data Tracking Tool system. However, depending on your grant agreements, you might be required to collect sign-in sheets with dates that correspond to the events that you log into the system. Collecting sign-ins and (optionally) logging names into the system is beneficial to ensure that you aren’t double counting. You do need to have an email address for individuals who are receiving a merit badge.

Are my credentials visible to the public? How will privacy be protected?

Data privacy and security are top priorities for Merit. Merit gives individuals complete transparency and control on how their data is used and shared. Data will never be sold to third parties, and will never be shared without explicit permission. All data is safeguarded by industry-best, market-leading security solutions in a layered security approach.

For more information on data privacy, visit, and for more on data security, visit

Am I required to give merit badges to all participants?

No. The Engagement Survey form that you fill out for each engagement is the official count for engagements. It is required that you answer all the engagement form questions, including how many people you engaged at a particular activity or event. You are not required to award digital badges as part of the campaign.

Is there a way to access the tool without internet connection?

The Data Tracking Tool is web-based and requires internet access to be operated. If you are going to a location without internet access, we recommend collecting the necessary information in a physical form and then you can retroactively enter the event information into the app. We will provide a paper copy and spreadsheet form in the Toolkit.

Administering the use of the Tool

What are the requirements for administering the system in my area?

Each organization/entity directly funded by the Listos California Campaign must designate a System Administrator to administer their own use of the tool as well as set up a system across project staff and/or subgrantees. This means: CBOs and Volunteer and Service teams must determine practices and policies that will ensure that your engagement data is collected and reported, complete and on time, by yourself as well as staff members or sub-grantees.

How do I manage staff and/or sub-grantees’ use of the Data Tracking Tool?

You must require that your Listos California project staff team and/or subgrantees who will be collecting, recording, and/or entering engagement data get trained on the tool and use the webinars and other training materials. You are responsible for communicating with your staff team or sub-grantees about the training opportunities.

How do I communicate to sub-grantees that they are required to use the Data Tracking Tool?

For organizations with sub-grantees: We recommend that you insert language into your MOUs with sub-grantees that spells out the required use of the Listos California Data Tracking Tool.

Sample language to include:
a. The Listos California campaign requires the use of the Listos California Data Tracking Tool, developed by Merit, to track engagements as a part of the campaign. This tool is the only official way to count engagements. We agree to use the tool and to enter engagement data by using the online engagement surveys provided within the tool, [monthly/weekly].

b. We agree to utilize training resources, including the webinar and/or other training materials.

c. We agree to coordinate with [NAME OF CBO] to ensure that we are following the preferred practices and procedures of [NAME OF CBO].

How often should I or my team enter engagement data into the Data Tracking Tool?

Data should be entered as frequently as possible to avoid lost engagements. At minimum, partners must enter data at the conclusion of each month. Daily or weekly is preferred. System Administrators must provide oversight and quality control of data entry.

What data will I enter into the Data Tracking Tool?

You will fill out a simple online engagement survey form that leads you through prompts to describe your engagement activity. You are not required to fill out a form for your engagement of each individual or to enter a name and contact information for each engagement.

Who gets to designate administrators and engagement leaders?

Campaign staff will invite primary contacts for grantee organizations into the system. Grantees in each area give permission for other Administrators and Engagement Leaders.

What is the difference between administrators and engagement leaders?

Administrators are designated by the lead CBO or volunteer team and have the highest degree of permissions. Administrators can see and edit the engagement forms of Engagement Leaders to provide oversight and quality control. They also have access to the dashboard that shows engagement totals for the CBO or volunteer team area. Administrators can also log engagements and have permission to do everything that Engagement Leaders can do.
Engagement Leaders are designated by the lead CBO or volunteer and service team Administrators. Engagement Leaders have permission to fill out engagement forms. Engagement Leaders will be made up of those who are directly involved in engagements and have knowledge of the engagement activities. Engagement Leaders can view all of their own engagement data.

Is there a cap number of administrators and or engagement leaders?

The campaign does not cap the number of Administrators or Engagement Leaders. We recommend that each organization have an Administrator and that CBOs and sub-grantees limit the amount of Administrators to avoid confusion or redundancies. Each CBO should develop their own system to best manage the engagement data tracking and digital badging.

Who tracks the engagement if a volunteer/service team member is supporting an activity with a CBO?

This is dependent on each CBO and volunteer/service team agreement. The most important factor is that individuals do not get double-counted, for instance, If a CBO is paying for the engagement it will be counted towards their overall numbers. If you have questions please reach out to

How do I track engagements without giving digital badges or Merits?

The survey form that you fill out for each engagement activity is the
official way that you track engagements. Providing a number of people
engaged within the form is adequate for officially counting your
Once you submit the survey, there is a clearly indicated button that will
allow you to skip sending digital badges.

Is there a way to bulk upload data into this tool?

There isn’t a way to upload engagement activities in bulk, however, the Merit Customer Success team will help you get that information into the system. Please feel free to grab some time with them using their calendar here, or email them at to get some extra help.

Can we upload pictures of our engagements into the data tracking tool?

You cannot upload an image to replace a survey entry for an engagement activity. If you’d like to send us photographs of your engagement activities separate from the data tracking survey, we’d love to see them! Please be sure to include information about your photographs! Send them anytime to


What support and resources are available?

The Listos California campaign, in partnership with Merit, is offering webinars to introduce and train on the use of the tool. We encourage all those who will be using the Data Tracking Tool to watch where we will discuss the roles, processes, and functionality of the Data Tracking Tool.

Watch the recorded webinars here
A printable step-by-step guide can be found here
Guidance for Tracking Social Media Engagements from the Listos California Campaign Staff can be found here

Who do I contact if I need a real person to answer questions?

The Campaign Support Team and the Merit Customer Support is committed provide assistance and support as needed.

Please contact Grace Kaufman ( for programmatic questions about data tracking as part of the Listos California campaign.

Please contact Jenn Evans at ( for technical questions about the use of the online tool.