Listos California Data Tracking Tool Webinar Recordings and Training Videos

We have recorded our past webinars for you just in case you wanted to watch again or share with others.

Webinar Recording for Administrators

This webinar is for Administrators of organizations that will be managing their organizations efforts (and sub-grantee organizations if applicable) as well as individuals.  Administrators will have the visibility to the recorded engagement efforts that allow them to monitor and track progress, view reports and edit records.

Webinar Recording for Engagement Leaders

This webinar is for those individuals that will be recording information about engagement activities into the data tracking tool.  Engagement Leaders will not have the ability to manage other members, edit recorded information, or visibility into reporting.

Videos for Administrators: Walkthrough of the data tracking tool

Learn how to perform Administrator tasks in the data tracking tool to manage their subgrantee organizations and engagement leaders, send digital badges to Californians, and monitor and track engagements and view reports.

Videos for Administrators: Register your organization on Merit

Learn what information is required to register your organization on Merit, and where to go to access the registration form.

Videos for Administrators: Manage Sub-grantees and Members

Videos for Administrators: Walkthrough of the Survey Results page

Videos for Engagement Leaders: Walkthrough of the data tracking tool

How Engagement Leaders get started with the Listos California Data Tracking Tool: