Listos California Campaign + Merit

The Listos (Ready) California Emergency Preparedness Campaign is a visionary initiative of Governor Gavin Newsom to engage over one million Californians in vulnerable populations and geographies, ensuring that they are prepared for emergencies, and showcasing the best that California has to offer through community service, neighborhood preparedness, and disaster resilience. The campaign will bolster the efforts of first-responders by ensuring that the most vulnerable Californians are connected to culturally and linguistically competent support. It will also build on the success of existing resident efforts throughout the State of California to foster local community disaster preparedness networks. 

Listos California and Merit have partnered together to create an easy to access, easy to use tool for grantees and subgrantees to use to track engagement and COVID-19 communication activities aimed at reaching 1 million Californians with emergency preparedness information. 

The data tracking tool is a unique and separate tool from the Merit platform that provides organizations with the opportunity to reward and further engage with the Californians that they connect with during and after the campaign.

How does this work?

  1. Grantees and subgrantees register their organization with Merit 
  2. Once registered, the grantee and subgrantee organizations are on boarded onto the data tool where administrators and leaders are able to submit information about their engagement and communication activities. 
  3. Listos California campaign staff and Grantee organizations have immediate access to their engagement data as well as their subgrantee engagement data. 

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