How do I check-in remotely on my own device using a link?

Events using Merit Check-in to track attendance may send you an individual check-in URL, a link that allows you to check yourself in using your own device (computer, phone, tablet, etc,) from anywhere.


Note: The check-in link will start with and end with a long set of random characters.

When you follow the link, you will be brought to a page that gives you these options:

Checking into an activity

Select which activity you would like to check into. If this kiosk only has one activity, this screen will be skipped

This brings up a selection of the 2 check-in methods available to you:

**Note: If the activity requires participants to have a specific merit to check-in, the option to check-in as a guest will not appear.

Login with email and password

If you already have a Merit profile set up, choose the option Login with email and password.

You will then see a success message indicating that you are now checked into the activity.

Check-in as a guest

If you do not yet have a Merit profile set up, select the option Check-in as a guest

On the next screen, enter your name and email address. Finish by selecting Check-in

 You will then see a success message, indicating that you are now checked into the activity. You should also have a new email in your inbox informing you that you have received a new merit. Click the Accept button within the email to set up your Merit account.

Checking out of an activity

To check out of an activity, open up the same URL you used to check-in. Then select the Check-out option.

Here, you only have one method available, Login with email & password. Select that one.

After you enter the email address and password associated with your Merit profile and click Login, you will see a list of all the activities that you are currently checked into. Click the checkboxes next to the activities you would like to check out of, then select Check-out.

The next screen will inform you that you are checked out. It will display, for each activity, your check-in time, check-out time, and the total duration of the activity.

With that, you’ve successfully checked in and out of an activity using Merit Check-in.


For further instructions or help, please reach out to us at

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