How can I remove a merit from my profile?

Is there something amiss on a merit you received? Here’s how to report the problem and remove the merit from your profile.

Log into  and select the merit that you would like to remove.  In the bottom right corner, click Remove. A popup window will appear with the following selections:

  • The information on this merit is incorrect
  • I don’t need this merit anymore
  • This appears to be a duplicate merit
  • Spam
  • Other 

After selecting the appropriate reason to remove the merit, you will be asked to provide a little more information describing why you would like to do so. Confirm your decision by selecting Remove again. 

NOTE: The merit will no longer be in your account. Only remove merits when you are sure that you no longer wish to have this merit.

The admin of the issuing organization will certainly want to know about the mistake so they can reissue the merit if there is an error.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out at

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