How can I remove a merit from my profile?

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Is there something amiss on a merit you received? Here’s how to report the problem and remove the merit from your profile.

Reporting a merit is the only way to remove a merit from your profile. You should report a merit for the following reasons:

  • It has been sent to you but it is not yours
  • It is offensive
  • It is spam
  • Other (please explain)

By doing this, you can remove the merit from your account and let the Merit team know what went wrong.

  1. To remove a pending merit, you must first go to your pending tab on your profile page.
  2. Once in your pending page, you will see all pending merits. To remove the merit, click on the grey cancel button at the bottom of the selected merit.
  3. A list of options will appear asking you to chose why you are reporting this merit. Click on the appropriate response to report the merit.
  4. Once reported, the merit will no longer be in your profile or pending merits page.

Is there something amiss in a merit that you’ve already accepted?

You can still remove a merit from your profile after you’ve accepted it, here are the steps:

  • Click on the merit you’d like to remove.
  • Click on the merit menu on the top right corner of the popup window.
  • Choose [Remove merit] from the menu.

The admin of your team will certainly want to know about the mistake so they can reissue the merit to him. Here’s how to find the contact information for the organization admin:

  • Click on the merit
  • Click on the name of the organization – this will open up a new tab in your browser and take you to the organization page.
  • Locate the phone number and/or email address

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