Burble Integration with Merit for fun jumpers
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Why should I integrate my merit page with Burble?

This integration brings immediacy, accessibility and pre-verified security of digital into the clunky pre-digital world of physical logbooks, membership cards and manifest sheets completed in triplicate.

If you're a skydiver, it allows you to grant access to Burble DZs to view your merits, including those all-important USPA credentials, and complete the whole check-in process, from waiver to the first manifest of the day, in a few taps of a smartphone.

If you're working for a dropzone, you can instantly see verified, auto-updated information vetting the jumper/instructor standing at the desk, a functionality built to replace manual data input and cumbersome lookup tools. The new integration confidently retrieves credentials from the USPA database, enabling near-live tracking of credentials (such as the USPA Tandem Instructor Ratings from both USPA and UPT, for instance).