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How do I add an opportunity for my members in Merit?

Is your organization planning an event that you'd like your members to know about?  Target your opportunity to those individuals that currently hold a specific merit by adding your activity into merit. 

To create an opportunity, you need to define the following information:

  1. Opportunity name: The headline that appears on the opportunity card. It has a 60 character limit.
  2. Description: The body of text below the name that describes the opportunity in more detail. It has a 1000 character limit and must be plain text - no formatting, such as bold text, lists, or paragraphs, is available.
  3. Action link: The URL individuals land on when they click on the “Visit” button on your opportunity.  Clicking this button will open the URL in the user’s browser.
  4. Category: Every opportunity must be assigned one of the following categories: 
    1. Education and Training
    2. Event
    3. Job
    4. Offer
    5. Service
    6. Miscellaneous
  5. Target Merit or audience: What merit or what type of audience do you want to receive this opportunity? Do you want the merit or person to be active, inactive, or either to qualify for the opportunity? Each opportunity can only target 1 merit, but we can help you create duplicate opportunities to target multiple merits or audiences. 
  6. Merit Opportunities Digest: An email will be sent to individuals that have the targeted merit template when new opportunities are available.  This email will show them how many new opportunities are available and give them a preview of the opportunities that were sent to their account.  As a reminder, opportunities are only available to view in the mobile app.

We’re here to help! 

Complete our “Let’s Get Started” form at or email to be introduced to an Account Manager. You can also use this spreadsheet template to submit a batch of opportunities and email to