Instructions for Administrators

How do I change the organization to which surveys are tagged?

If some of the leaders in your organization will be logging engagement activity that should be credited to a different group than yours or your grantee, you can adjust this setting from the data tracking tool. 
  1. Log into the tool at
  2. Select Manage Organizations & Leaders.
  3. In the Leaders section, find a person who will be entering engagement data for a different organization. Click Edit on the right site.
  4. In the Currently Surveying For field, search for the name of the new organization and select it.
  5. Click Update.
Now all future surveys submitted by that leader will count for the new organization rather than the leader's original organization. The surveys that were submitted prior to making this change are not affected. 
Repeat this process for any leaders who will be submitting data to be credited to a different organization. This setting can be switched back when appropriate.