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How to get the most out of Merit

All of the tools offered by Merit can work together to make managing your organization easier

Topics covered in this video, and related content:

Register your organization on Merit

How to sign up your organization

How to get your organization validated

Create merit templates and issue merits

How to create a merit template

How to send a merit

How to send multiple merits using a spreadsheet

Example Newsletter to your members explaining Merit

Create digital certificates with Credential Creator

Credential Creator and Merit

How to attach certificates to multiple merit recipients with Credential Creator

Track event attendance with Merit Check-in

How do I get started with Merit Check-in?

How do I set up a waiver in Merit Check-in?

Merit Check-in Virtual Kiosks Webinar

How to check in remotely or on your own device using a link

Merit Opportunities


How do I add an opportunity for my members in Merit?

Merit Member App for both iOS and Android