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What is Credential Creator?

Linked directly with the Merit Platform, Credential Creator is a third-party application that automatically generates and attaches customized certificates to your customers’ merits. Think of these certificates as a physical representation of digital merits.

Just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful

Using Credential Creator means that you can easily create custom cards, licenses, awards, and certificates and automatically attach them to digital merits for easy distribution. By using Credential Creator you can:

  • Easily create custom cards, licenses, awards, and certificates
  • Quickly edit and update these credentials at any time
  • Automatically attach these credentials to digital Merits for easy distribution

Credential Creator makes your life easier

Credential Creator makes life easier for both you and your merit recipients. You will enjoy all the benefits of digital merits while meeting the needs of your members who want to have physical, official-looking credentials that mark their accomplishments or membership.

  • Save the time, effort, and money required to print and distribute physical certificates
  • Smooth the transition from physical credentials to digital Merits
  • Distribute credentials at scale in minutes

Ready to get started?

If you’d like use Credential Creator on your own, then you can visit Credential Creator to get started and use our Help Desk for guidance.