Getting Started With Merit

Best practices

We're excited to help you get the most out of Merit! Below are 3 helpful suggestions to consider as you invite your team onto Merit and start sending, tracking, and verifying Merits. 

1- Communicate. Let your recipients know that you'll be sending them their digital credentials via Merit. This can be done however you'd like, an endorsement email, a blog on your website, or in the form of written pamphlets. We have examples of each for you, the most commonly used method is a newsletter, so, we've written a standard newsletter you to edit, change, or use as is. Visit the Announcements article for more examples of what you can share.

2- Create a Merit Template that can be sent to your entire team, such as an "Employee", "Member, or "Staff" merit and send it to your entire team. This extra time and soft introduction to your team will give opportunity for a smooth on-boarding and the ability to ask questions and understand the value of their Merits.

3- Schedule a regular time to update, enter, and send merits. Depending on what you're using Merit for, this might mean that merits are being sent or updated as often as daily or as little as a few times a season.