Learn how to automate creating certificate and send merits using BurbleDZM

Who is this for:

Anyone who is looking to connect jumps from drop zones on burble to Merit.

What will you learn?

How to connect the jumps within Burble for drop zones to the Merits platform so that when a drop zone closes at the end of day it will automatically send out Merit’s to customers.

  1. Go to Sport Jump section in the Configuration
  2. Under the Merits section click the enable button and give it a “Merit Template Title”
  3. And just below that write a certificate description
  4. This concludes the configuration on the Burble side of things, now head over to credcreator.com
  5. Click “add Credential”
  6. Select the jump that was just created in Burble on the bubble menu displayed
  7. Click One-Sided Certificate
  8. Drag and drop your Certificate Image
  9. Next we are going to add information to our certificate
  10. Drag and drop the What This Merit Represents text box on the top line of certificate
  11. Drag and drop the Full Name text box on the bottom line of certificate
  12. Drag and drop the Issue Date text box on the Day line of certificate at the bottom
  13. Save and Publish so the certificate is now attached to that Merit
  14. Back on the Burble side you will want to run the end of day process after the Jump is manifested