How do I update the name or email address on my BARBICIDE® certification?

If you would like to correct the name that appears on your BARBICIDE® certification, or update the email address to which your BARBICIDE® certification from Merit will be sent, you can do so using an online form.

There are 2 separate forms available, depending on which BARBICIDE® certification you hold. If you have corrections to request from each certification, please complete each form.

BARBICIDE® Certificate name/email correction form

BARBICIDE® COVID-19 Certificate name/email correction form

Once you submit the form, please allow 1-2 days for the correction to be processed. Once the correction is processed, your merit will be updated to reflect the changes.

Adding emails to your Merit profile

If you own multiple email addresses that you would like to associate with a single Merit profile, you can initiate this by following the steps here:

How to add email addresses to your Merit profile