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What is Merit?

Merit is a verified identity ecosystem for trusted organizations and individuals seeking the benefits of interoperable digital credentials, known as merits. Merit’s mission is to

Virginia DPOR + Merit

Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (VA DPOR) and Merit have partnered together to provide digital copies of licenses in the Commonwealth.


BARBICIDE® has partnered with Merit to allow beauty professionals to quickly and efficiently search for and share their  BARBICIDE® certifications using Merit Lookup.

The Member App is free and available on both iOS and Android devices. This app allows users who have claimed their profiles on Merit to view their profiles, manage their merits, and check-in, or allow organizations to verify merits.​

Linked directly with the Merit Platform, Credential Creator is a third-party application that automatically generates and attaches customized certificates to your customers’ merits. Think of these certificates as a physical representation of digital merits.

Merit Opportunities

Merit Opportunities connects Merit users with information on upcoming or ongoing opportunities they are qualified for. Users looking to discover new pathways based upon their

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Merit Lookup

Merit Lookup brings together merits issued by multiple organizations into a single verification tool for public use. Organizations that choose to, can quickly add the

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Merit Check-in

Merit Check-in is a free tool that organizations use to track attendance, hours worked, and verify the credentials of their event participants.  This allows organizations

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Credential Creator

What is Credential Creator? Credential Creator is an application that admins of organizations on Merit can use to automatically generate and attach customized downloadable certificates

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