Accessing Merit Opportunities

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Merit Opportunities connect you with information on upcoming or ongoing opportunities you are qualified for, based on the merits in your profile. These could include training and educational offerings, upcoming events, job listings, special offers, or services. Access these personalized opportunities in the Merit app or in your Merit profile on

The licenses, training, and other achievements that you have earned have provided you with these opportunities; none of your personal data or merit information has been shared with the organizations offering these opportunities.

Viewing Opportunities in the Merit App

You can view opportunities that are tailored to you in the Merit app by signing in and selecting Opportunities from the bottom menu. Each opportunity will have a description and an action link that you can follow to learn more.

Viewing Opportunities in a Web Browser

You can also view opportunities while logged in on by selecting the Opportunities tab.


Merit Opportunities Digest Email

Additionally, you will receive an email from Merit whenever new opportunities are added to your Merit profile. This email will show you how many new opportunities are available, with a preview of each.